Unlock the Power of IoT Solutions for Smart Buildings!

Empower your buildings with Neuron ThingsLab – our open and scalable platform providing comprehensive dashboard templates for quick and easy deployment. Using IoT data to make your smart buildings even smarter!

Comprehensive dashboard capture

Transform IoT Data Into Applications & Insights

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Space HVAC Optimisation

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Equipment Predictive

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eSG Carbon

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An IoT Platform for Not Only but Beyond Smart Buildings

Neuron ThingsLab can also take care and scale up your business upon our below functions

White Label / OEM

You can establish Neuron ThingsLab on your domain with our white label package, allowing the present of the platform as your very own solution to your customers.

  • Upload a Custom Logo
  • Connect your Company’s URL
  • Works on Multi-Tenancy

Multi-Tenancy and Workspaces

Generate clients and workspaces through a simplifed way for team collaboration – to invite members via email with just one click on your mobile!

  • Create Unlimited (Sub-)Tenants
  • Invite Persons via E-Mail
  • Assign Rights and Roles dynamically

End-to-End IoT Solutions for Different Sectors

Smart Commercial Building Icon

smart Commercial Building

Optimize HVAC air balance and fresh air intake. Identify energy-saving opportunities while maintaining human comfort. Easy onboarding without BMS system integration. Comprehensive data analytics and notification.

Smart Workplace Icon

smart Workplace

Improve workplace productivity and wellness. User-friendly dashboard gallery. Easy deployment with battery-powered sensor devices. LoRaWAN wireless.

Smart Plant Room Icon

Smart Plant Room

Minimize building system downtime through plant room IoT monitoring. Enable predictive monitoring function for critical equipment. Easy deployment through LoRaWAN wireless sensor and no integration to BMS system.

Smart Energy Icon

smart Energy

Facilitate carbon footprint and ESG management through IoT. Neuron ESG with comprehensive data input system. Easy installation without interruption of existing meter. IoT & Cloud platform.

Smart Construction Site Icon

smart construction Site

Improve construction site safety and productivity through IoT devices. User-friendly dashboard gallery. Low power consumption. LoRaWAN Wireless.

Smart Restroom Icon

Smart Restroom

Detect restroom odor and traffic. Better management and distribution based on long-term data and use model.