Low-Code IoT Platform With easy-to-use dashboard

Create IoT applications in minutes on Neuron ThingsLab, an open, low-code and scalable IoT platform without programming.


IoT Platform Icon

IoT platform

An IoT platform for developers to deploy their IoT applications.

Dashboard Icon


Visualize your data on Neuron IoT Hub to share your insights.

Device Management Icon

device management

Control and manage your IoT devices via Neuron IoT hub.

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Connect all kinds of devices to Neuron IoT Hub using REST, MQTT and CoAP protocol.

Event Processing Icon

event Processing

Rules Engine that enables real-time action triggering.

3rd Part Plugins

3rd Party Plugins

We can connect your IoT information to the third-party servers.

Device Management Hub

Device Management provides users with unprecedented visibility into the status and interface status of all connected end notes.

Being connected to the cloud, their status will be automatically returned to the cloud platform so that users can monitor the operating status in real time to decide whether to take the next step action.

Device Management Hub
Dashboard Gallery

Dashboard Gallery

Neuron ThingsLab dashboard gallery provides comprehensive dashboard template designed for different IoT applications.

It allows users to manage every aspect of their connected devices as well as gain insight on the environment through visualization of device data

Rule Engine Notification

The Rule Engine is a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface where users can monitor and interact with connected devices though graphs, charts and other tools.

It allows users to be notified every aspect of their connected devices as well as gain insight on the environment through visualization of device data.

Rule Engine Notification
GIS&Digital Twins Integration

GIS & Digital Twins Integration

Visualize the IoT device on city GIS map using Neuron city map services.

Import the BIM model to create the virtual space for digital twin and interface with IoT sensor data

support Cloud-based Subscription

& Enterprise On-Premise Deployment

Cloud-based & Enterprise On-premise Deployment

Open APIs

Whether you bring your own Hardware to Neuron ThingsLab or are looking for a way to connect to third-party services. Neuron ThingsLab offers multiple Interfaces to communicate with our backend.



Public MQTT Broker

+ Automated MQTT Forward

+ Authentication



Public GraphQL API

+ Custom Queries

+ Data Input



Open REST-API Forward Data into Neuron IoT Hub Connect Third-Party Services



Use Node-RED to read Data from any OPC UA Device